CEO Room


is based on the unwavering will to pioneer and human respect management
I am confident that I have grown into the right company.
And in the future, Firmly and firmly I will step forward step by step.

ONEGENE Co., Ltd. is a parent company of ONEGENE Group. Since its establishment in 1984, ONEGENE has grown into a specialized company that develops and manufactures radiators, oil coolers, chillers, and warmers, constantly devoted to technological development and management innovation in the field of automotive heat exchangers.

In addition, we are growing into a core cooling device specializing in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are needed in the 21st century global automobile market.

ONEGENE Co., Ltd. has been recognized not only in Korea but also in the global auto parts market with the best efforts to secure the quality and cost competitiveness with customer value as the top priority.