Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Based on trust and love.
Delivering the best quality and customer satisfaction

ONEGENE aims to be the best Automotive Supplier in the world. With our core business philosophy of love and trust, we can improve the quality of competitiveness and provide the best quality products to our customers. We pursue the happiness of all stakeholders through customer satisfaction and risk management.

Quality Innovation

  • Customer Happiness
    Customer Happiness

    We pursue continuous customer happiness by providing products that surpass customer expectations with the basic concept of customer satisfaction quality satisfaction

  • Quality Innovation
    Quality Innovation

    Continuous quality innovation to improve quality capability, ensure quality leadership, and attain quality goal with diligence.

  • Risk Management
    Risk Management

    Based on risk-based thinking, maximize prior management to eliminate uncertainties and risk factors that hinder achievement of goals.

Quality Management System

  • Project Conference

    Understand clearly defined development stage work according to the new development process and observe pre-quality activities to ensure stable quality of production by achieving goal quality at each stage

  • 1424 Quality Conference

    Conducts a quality meeting every week to report quality performance, ISSUE, and improvement activities. (CEO, team leader of each department participate)

  • 1424 Tactical meeting

    In case of quality problems, the meeting is held under the supervision of the leader of the tactical team to analyze causes, take fundamental measures, prevent recurrence, and establish continuous improvement measures.

  • 1424 Quality Activities

    As a core activity of internal quality improvement, all-time TFT activity for eliminating non-conformity including product, process, and process